In one corner, you have a dedicated server. On the other hand, you have Cloud hosting. There are others, such as virtual private servers and shared servers, but they are not worth the raw computing power, redundancy, and maximum uptime that these two options can afford. If you are struggling to decide which of these servers is right for your business, then you need to start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each. All good things have a dark side. What’s important is that you see where you are as a business, and you determine the cons that will have the least amount of effect on your business.

Cloud hosting

The Cloud server operates to ensure that you always operate immediately and efficiently. The way that cloud hosts operate is: your site is “hosted” by several different servers spread across geographical areas. As a result, you always have the redundancy you need, which means that if one goes out, your site doesn’t go out. You also have the certainty that your site always loads immediately no matter where it is accessed from. This ensures that you have the opportunity to become a global business. You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you never have to operate things yourself. On the downside, this form of hosting can be very expensive, and if you have never had traffic for it, you can waste a lot of cash on something that, honestly, is more than you need.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting option that allows you full and absolute autonomy over how a dedicated server is used. Instead of sharing costs with several different sites, you can enjoy the full customization options that come with your own server. You have the freedom to keep an eye on your server at all times, and you have the final say about how to operate. The downside to Dedicated Hosting is, like Cloud hosting, it can be very expensive, making it double so that by the fact that you might have to hire new employees just to manage all of it. For local-based businesses that will not try to roll out globally, this server makes the most sense. Either way, if you try to attract someone in another state or country, then your best bet might be to go with a cloud provider.

In both cases, your hosting company can allow both options.